Distillerie du Square Grand Opening: A Spirited Journey in Chelsea, Quebec

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by The Local
December 1, 2023
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Distillerie du Square
There’s a palpable buzz in the air, a crackling energy of anticipation as Chelsea, Quebec, braces itself for an unforgettable experience—the grand opening of Distillerie du Square on December 7th.

Embarking on a Whirlwind Journey

Imagine the rush of excitement, the thrill of stepping into the unknown. That’s the heartbeat behind the scenes at Distillerie du Square as they prepare for this grand adventure. For Manuela Teixeira and her team, this endeavor has been a rollercoaster of emotions, a labor of love pushing their limits.

As the finishing touches come together, it’s more than just a distillery; it’s a testament to their dreams, dedication, and unwavering passion.

Crafting Spirits with Love and Dedication

Every bottle crafted here tells a story—a narrative woven with dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From Gin du Jardin to Bella Ciao! and their cocktail syrups, each creation carries the essence of their dreams.

With a new exclusive spirit in the pipeline and four more in the works for 2024, the Distillerie du Square promises a journey of flavors, each sip reflecting their commitment and unwavering spirit.

A Grateful Journey Shared by Many

This journey isn’t one walked alone. It's a tapestry of collective effort and shared aspirations. Manuela Teixeira extends her heartfelt gratitude to the construction team, professionals, public authorities, and every believer who made this dream a reality.

The boutique stands ready, the ecomuseum awaits exploration, and La Cocktailerie beckons—a testament to the combined passion and dedication of everyone involved.

Awaits the Adventurers: Your Invitation Awaits!

As the countdown begins, Distillerie du Square extends an open invitation. On December 7th, step into a world of guided tours, multifunctional rooms for rental, and a treasure trove of holiday gift options—all crafted with passion and care.

This isn’t just an opening; it’s an opportunity to join a vibrant community, to celebrate dedication, and to revel in the joy of shared experiences.

The excitement is electric, the spirits are ready, and Distillerie du Square eagerly awaits your presence. Be part of this spirited journey, raise a glass to new beginnings, and immerse yourself in an adventure that’s woven with passion and dedication. Cheers to the grand opening and the vibrant tales yet to unfold!

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