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Distillerie du Square
Welcome to Distillerie du Square in Old Chelsea, Quebec, where spirits become stories, each sips a testament to the passion and the region's soul. Embrace the seasonal magic through tastings and workshops, as this cherished haven invites you to savor moments woven with pure enchantment.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey at Distillerie du Square

Nestled snugly in the heart of Old Chelsea, Quebec, amid the picturesque landscapes, lies a gem that transcends the ordinary—a sanctuary of wonder known as La Distillerie du Square. Prepare to step into a world where every moment is steeped in passion, where spirits come alive, and where the art of living finds its truest expression.

Seasonal Charms Await

In every season, this enchanting haven reveals a unique facet of its allure. As spring breathes life into blossoms, summer bathes the surroundings in a golden glow, fall paints a mesmerizing tapestry of colors, and winter blankets the landscape in serene tranquility, Distillerie du Square beckons. Explore the secrets of its ecomuseum, savor the tantalizing flavors in tasting workshops, and delve into the alchemy of mixology sessions—an immersive journey into the soul of local spirits.

The Treasured Jewel of Old Chelsea Square

Embraced by the Old Chelsea Square family, this distillery is more than a place; it's a love letter to the Outaouais region. Every spirit crafted within these walls embodies the essence of the land, inviting you to not just taste but savor moments of pure enchantment.

Unveiling the Magic in Every Sip

Gin du Jardin: As you indulge in this symphony of flavors, discover a narrative that echoes the very soul of Chelsea's lush landscape. Let the harmonious notes of cantaloupe, sage, mint, cucumber, and lemon zest transport you. Crafted from Quebec's finest corn and the treasures of the land, each sip whispers tales of sweetness and a velvety embrace.

Bella Ciao! Aperitivo: A tribute to resilience and femininity, this spirited elixir embodies courage in every drop. With an exquisite blend of blood orange, bitter orange peel, gentian root, cardamom, and more, it's a libation designed to spark spirited conversations and foster heartfelt connections.

Crafted with Heart and Soul

Behind every creation lies Pier-Luc Roussel, the visionary artisan whose passion breathes life into Gin du Jardin. Together with Distillerie Ubald, their collaboration embodies authenticity, proudly bearing the Origine Quebec seal. Each sip reflects Chelsea's inviting landscapes and the dedication to local partnerships, ensuring that only the freshest essences grace your glass.

An Invitation to Embrace the Magic

Distillerie du Square transcends being merely a place—it's an emotional journey. Here, time slows, moments become memories, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Whether you seek adventure, a taste of Chelsea's soul, or simply wish to revel in life's beauty, within this enchanting haven, every experience is an invitation to embrace the magic. Enter, let the enchantment weave its spell, and depart, leaving behind not just footprints but a piece of your heart amidst Chelsea's wondrous embrace.

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248 Old Chelsea, Chelsea, QC

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