Brews & Wines in Chelsea Quebec

Brews & Wines in Chelsea Quebec

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Hey there, fellow explorers! Welcome to our friendly guide to the charming lakes in Chelsea, Quebec. While we may not own these amazing places, we, as locals, are thrilled to share our favourite spots with you. So, let's dive into the beauty and tranquillity that Chelsea's lakes have to offer.

BREWS & WINES: Distillerie du Square

Embark on a journey of spirits and stories at Distillerie du Square in Old Chelsea, Quebec. Each sip here is a testament to passion and the soul of the region. Through tastings and workshops, this haven invites you to savor moments woven with pure enchantment. Discover the magic of Chelsea's spirits in a place where the local touch makes all the difference.

BREWS & WINES: Le Petit Bar à Vin

Calling all fellow travelers and wine enthusiasts! Le Petit Bar à Vin, nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Quebec, is a charming gem for a gourmet sensory journey like no other. In this friendly local recommendation, we spill all the delectable details about this delightful spot. Join us as we uncover the secrets of Chelsea's wine scene, one sip at a time.

BREWS & WINES: Chelsea & Co - Microbrasserie

For the beer lovers who adore the great outdoors, Chelsea & Co Microbrewery in the heart of Chelsea, Quebec, is your go-to destination. Dedicated to crafting delicious beers reflecting the region's unique flavors, this microbrewery stands out for its values, brews, and eco-friendly approach. Dive into the world of Chelsea's craft beer, where every sip tells a tale of nature and craftsmanship.

PUBS: Bistro Pub Manchester

Craving delicious food, a cozy atmosphere, and an impressive beer selection? Look no further than Bistro Pub Manchester in Old Chelsea, Quebec. A local gem adored by residents and visitors alike, this pub offers a warm ambiance, mouthwatering food, and an extensive beer selection that's sure to leave you satisfied. Join us in this friendly recommendation as we guide you to a delightful evening by the lakeside.