Chelsea's Hidden Gems: Unveiling a Local's Escape for Torontonians, Montrealers & Ottawans

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by The Local
July 3, 2024
Chelsea's Hidden Gems: Unveiling a Local's Escape for Torontonians, Montrealers & Ottawans
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La Maison Bleue
Greetings, fellow Canadians! Calling all Torontonians, Montrealers, and Ottawans craving a quick escape from the city. Chelsea, Quebec, a charming neighbour just a breath away, boasts a treasure trove of unique accommodations that go beyond your typical hotel experience. Here's a local guide to unlock some hidden gems for your next getaway.

For the Nature Enthusiast (Montreal & Ottawa):

  • La Maison Bleue: This historic gem, standing tall at the entrance of Gatineau Park, is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. Hike, bike, paddleboard, or ski – the possibilities are endless! Rejuvenate at the nearby Spa-Nordik or explore the vibrant city of Ottawa, just 10 minutes away. (Montrealers, this makes for a perfect weekend escape, with a touch of urban adventure in the nation's capital!)
La Maison Bleue in Chelsea Quebec

For the Romantic Getaway (Ottawa & Toronto):

  • Chalet des Collines: Picture a private cottage radiating charm, boasting breathtaking views, all within walking distance of Old Chelsea Square and the luxurious Nordik Spa-Nature. This fully renovated retreat promises tranquility and romance, perfect for creating unforgettable memories with that special someone. (Torontonians, this is your escape from the ordinary – unwind and reconnect amidst stunning scenery!)

For the Artful Explorer (All!):

  • Lofts du Village: This modern hotel, a recent addition to Chelsea's scene, provides all the comfort and amenities you expect, but with a local touch. Immerse yourself in the village's atmosphere, steps away from trendy cafes, art galleries, and charming shops. Explore Chelsea's artistic soul and embrace your inner urban adventurer, all from a stylish home base.

For a Unique Experience (All!):

  • Motel Chelsea: Forget the conventional motel experience!  Motel Chelsea offers an immersion into the artistic heart of Chelsea. Here, nature, art, and a vibrant atmosphere combine to create a one-of-a-kind stay.

For a Peacefully Chic Escape (Ottawa & Toronto):

  • Auberge Old Chelsea B&B:  Yearning for a tranquil escape surrounded by nature, yet with city attractions nearby? Look no further than the Auberge Old Chelsea B&B. Nestled on the edge of Gatineau Park, this delightful B&B offers a serene ambiance and a convenient location, perfect for both relaxation and exploration. (Torontonians, this is your chance to unwind amidst nature, with the option to venture into Ottawa for a day trip!)
Auberge Old Chelsea B&B

Remember, this is just a glimpse into Chelsea's hidden gems! Many of these charming accommodations deal directly with the owner, so don't hesitate to reach out and personalize your escape.

So ditch the usual hotel routine and discover the magic of Chelsea. Your relaxing escape, adventurous exploration, or romantic retreat awaits!

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