Unleash Your Child's Creativity at Danse Chelsea Dance March Break Camp!

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Danse Chelsea
March 4, 2024
March 8, 2024
La Fab sur Mill, 8 Mill Road, Chelsea, Quebec
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Are you ready for a week of magic, movement, and artistic exploration? Look no further than the Danse Chelsea Dance March Break Camp, where your child can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of dance, theatre, and visual arts while connecting with the beauty of nature. From March 4th to 8th, 2024, join us at La Fab sur Mill in Chelsea, Quebec, for an unforgettable experience that will ignite your child's imagination and creativity.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dance, Theatre, and Visual Art with talented local artists guiding the way! Our March Break Camp welcomes campers ages 5-9, while our Summer Camp is open to ages 5-11. Join us for a creative journey filled with fun and learning!

The Magic of Nature and Dance Combined

At Danse Chelsea Dance, we believe in the transformative power of both art and nature. Our camp offers a unique fusion of ballet, jazz, theatre, and contemporary dance, led by experienced instructors who are passionate about inspiring young minds. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Quebec, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Gatineau Hills, our camp provides the perfect backdrop for your child to explore their creativity and connect with the natural world.

Dance Through the Seasons with Elly

Led by our talented instructor Elly, "Dance Through the Seasons" takes campers on a journey through the beauty of nature's changing landscapes. From the crisp air of winter to the warmth of summer, dancers will explore ballet and jazz techniques while drawing inspiration from the rhythms of the natural world. By the end of the week, they'll not only have perfected their dance moves but also developed a deeper connection to the magic of nature.

Nature's Storytellers with Kelsey

In "Nature's Storytellers," led by the wonderful Kelsey, campers will step into the world of theatre and unleash their imagination. Through storytelling, tableaux work, and more, they'll bring their ideas and stories to life, drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature. In a kind and inclusive space, every child will have the opportunity to shine as they explore the magic of storytelling.

Discover Nature's Palette with Kelsey

Join Kelsey for a week of artistic exploration in "Nature's Palette." Campers will unleash their creativity as they experiment with color, texture, and collage inspired by the beauty of the natural world. From painting to sculpting, this is the art class where messy, playful, and unique creations come to life!

In Tune with Nature's Elements with Catrina

Led by the talented Catrina, "In Tune with Nature's Elements" invites campers to explore the world of contemporary dance in a whole new way. Through structured improvisations and creative exploration, dancers will connect with the elements of nature, from the fluidity of water to the strength of earth. It's a journey of self-discovery through movement and creativity.

What to Bring and Camp Readiness Guidelines

Before diving into a week of artistic adventure, make sure your child comes prepared with a nut-free lunch and snacks, a labeled water bottle, and weather-appropriate clothing. We'll be heading outside for lunch each day, so be ready for mud, snow, and rain!

To ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all campers, we ask that you review our camp readiness guidelines with your child. From following directions to staying with their group, these guidelines help create a positive experience for everyone.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand that plans can change, so please review our cancellation and refund policy. With proper notice, we're happy to accommodate changes to your child's registration. However, once camp has started, days missed for any reason cannot be refunded or made up.

Let the Magic Begin!

Are you ready to ignite your child's creativity and spark their imagination? Join us at Danse Chelsea Dance March Break Camp for a week of artistic exploration, nature-inspired adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this magical opportunity—reserve your child's spot today and let the magic begin!


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