Pete Eastmure’s Devil's Taxi Tour Rolls into Chelsea, Quebec

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Motel Chelsea
July 25, 2024
Motel Chelsea
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On Thursday, July 25th, at 8 pm, the enchanting melodies of Pete Eastmure will resonate through Chelsea, Quebec, as part of The Devil's Taxi Tour. This Ontario-based country folk artist brings a rich tapestry of traditional American folk and country music to the stage, a sound deeply influenced by legendary artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Elizabeth Cotton, and Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys.

Eastmure's unique sound is an intricate blend of acoustic layered guitar and the occasional electric Gretsch White Falcon. His albums feature the moody pedal steel guitar and mandolins that add a haunting depth to his music. With accolades like an "Honourable Mention in American Songwriter Magazine" in 2019, Pete Eastmure has carved a niche for himself in the Americana/Roots music scene. Maverick Magazine UK praised his recent work, noting, "Canadian singer-songwriter, Pete Eastmure is back with another brilliant collection of songs." Meanwhile, Fevor Coulee, Roots Music Opinion highlighted his narrative songwriting, describing it as "crafts narrative songs with poetic and abstract elements," and particularly praised the song "44 Below" as one of his most impressive works.

Tickets for this memorable evening are available in advance on Eventbrite for $20 plus fees and taxes, or at the door for $20 plus taxes. This is a chance to experience the evocative storytelling and soulful tunes of Pete Eastmure, an artist whose journey began on a horse farm on the side of the Blue Mountains in Ontario. From hitchhiking to California at a young age to earning recognition across the music world, Eastmure’s path has been as winding and captivating as his songs.

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of Americana folk and country music, Pete Eastmure's performance in Chelsea promises to be a night of unforgettable melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be transported by the music of a true storyteller.