MOONRIIVR Live at Motel Chelsea in Chelsea, Quebec

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Motel Chelsea
June 29, 2024
1418 Route 105 Chelsea, QC J9B 1P4
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If you're in Chelsea, Quebec, on Saturday, June 29, prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening at Motel Chelsea. MOONRIIVR, the innovative band known for their trippy yet inviting sonic worlds, will be performing live from 9 PM to 11:45 PM EDT. The venue, located at 1418 Route 105, is set to become a haven for music lovers eager to experience MOONRIIVR's unique soundscapes.

The Magic of Vol. 1

MOONRIIVR's debut album, Vol. 1, is a sonic journey that brings together sweetly reverberating slide guitars, wonky string synths, and nimble percussive environments. The album’s eclectic nature is best described by the band's half-joking yet apt comparison: "Buddy Holly meets Krautrock." This fusion creates a sound that feels both timeless and refreshingly new.

A Thematic Odyssey

The themes in Vol. 1 span a broad spectrum, from personal reflections on everyday pleasures in “Blonde Hair Now” to poignant meditations on global political issues in tracks like “Midnight at the Garden Hotel” and “Flowers on the Fire Escape.” Gardiner, the band's frontman, addresses these topics with a blend of directness and subtlety, making the album both a background thrum and a rewarding deep dive for attentive listeners.

The Genesis of MOONRIIVR

The spring of 2020 marked the beginning of MOONRIIVR's journey. During the early days of the pandemic, Gavin Gardiner visited his friend “Champagne” James Robertson at the Robertson family farm north of Toronto. Armed with a vintage Tascam 388 tape recorder, a mellotron, and a nylon string guitar, the two quickly discovered a special musical synergy. This initial collaboration set the stage for the creation of Vol. 1.

Building the Sound

Following their initial sessions at the farm, Gardiner and Robertson returned to Toronto, where they brought in bassist Ben Whitely and percussionist Lyle Molzan. Whitely’s earthy bass lines and Molzan’s unconventional percussion choices added new layers of depth to their sound. Weekly sessions at All Day Coconut studios allowed the band to refine their music, blending traditional and experimental elements seamlessly.

The Farm Sessions

The final touch was added when MOONRIIVR returned to the farm to complete their recordings. Utilizing the unique setting, they placed guitar amplifiers in cars and adjusted sound leakage by opening and closing car doors. The 30-degree July heat meant the garage doors stayed open, letting the natural ambient sounds of the rural environment seep into their music. This setting provided a refreshing change and a magical creative process that Gardiner found particularly inspiring.

Don’t Miss Out

Tickets for MOONRIIVR’s live performance at Motel Chelsea are priced at $25. This is a rare opportunity to experience the band's captivating music in an intimate setting. Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, June 29, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of MOONRIIVR.