Trail Conditions Update: April 29, 2024

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by The Local
April 29, 2024
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Discover the latest updates on Gatineau Park's trail conditions straight from the N.C.C. This friendly guide will help you navigate the trails in Chelsea, Quebec, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Good News for Hikers and Bikers:

From the N.C.C., we're delighted to share that several trails have dried out and are now recommended for hiking and mountain biking. Trails 72, 72B, 79, 79B, and Luskville are good to go for your next adventure!

Trail Status Overview:

While many trails are ready for exploration, a few remain closed. Unfortunately, Trails 44, 45, and 47 from P16 are still not recommended due to wet conditions. Remember, during this transition period, it's crucial to stay on the designated trails to prevent erosion and maintain their integrity.

Hiking and Walking Tips:

For hikers and walkers, most trails are open for exploration, except for the ones mentioned above. Remember to avoid walking along the trail edges and always keep your furry friends on a leash.

Mountain Biking Updates:

Mountain biking enthusiasts, rejoice! With the arrival of drier conditions, most mountain biking trails are now open for your enjoyment. However, the Camp Fortune trail network remains closed until further notice. Please respect trail closures during the spring thaw period.

Cycling on Asphalt Roads:

If cycling is more your speed, remember to stick to the paved parkways and Capital Pathway. As our crews prepare the trails for summer, it's essential to practice responsible cycling and be mindful of service vehicles and wildlife.

As we eagerly await the arrival of summer, let's continue to enjoy Gatineau Park responsibly. With these updates in mind, you're ready to hit the trails and embrace the beauty of Chelsea, Quebec.


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