Thank You to the Unsung Heroes of Camp Fortune: Ski Patrollers

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by The Local
January 26, 2024
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Canadian Ski Patrol - Gatineau
Welcome, fellow adventurers! Today, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the unsung heroes who ensure our skiing escapades are not just thrilling but safe—Camp Fortune ski patrollers. These dedicated volunteers wake up at the crack of dawn, don their ski gear, and hit the slopes to ensure your safety, and we couldn't be more thankful.

The Legacy of Gatineau Zone

Did you know that the Gatineau Zone of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) was formed in the winter of 1949-50? Over the past seven decades, the Gatineau Zone has grown into a collaborative force, comprising over 350 volunteers from the Ottawa Valley and Outaouais, patrolling at 10 ski areas.

Beyond the Slopes: A Community Commitment

The Gatineau Zone is not just about skiing; it's a community-driven force committed to providing high-quality first responder services. Their volunteers, educated and certified to the highest standards, deliver advanced first aid, injury prevention, and rescue services year-round.

Join the Force: Be a Ski Patroller!

Now that we've showered our ski patrollers with praise, how about becoming one? The Canadian Ski Patrol is calling out to individuals with a passion for safety and a love for the slopes. The Gatineau Zone, the third largest in Canada, invites you to join their ranks of 350+ patrollers.

What's in it for You?

Serving as a ski patroller is not just about giving back; it's a rewarding experience with perks. Enjoy a free lift ticket or season's pass in exchange for 12-15 shifts at your preferred ski area. The benefits extend beyond the slopes, with discounts on outdoor brands, local ski shops, and a chance to be part of special events year-round.

Training: More Than Just Skiing

Worried about the skills required? Fret not! The Canadian Ski Patrol provides comprehensive training through their Advanced First Aid course, a +/-70-hour program both online and in-class. Learn from seasoned patrollers and gain hands-on experience in managing and treating injuries.

Requirements and Costs

To join the patrol, you need to be 18 years or older and comfortable on skis or a snowboard (at an intermediate level). The cost for your first year is $250, covering the Advanced First Aid course, manual, first aid kit, and supplies. Subsequent annual fees are $200, with potential discounts based on special event shifts completed.

Ready to Hit the Slopes with a Purpose?

If you're ready to swap your ski gear for a patroller's jacket, contact the Gatineau Zone today! Be part of a community that not only keeps the slopes safe but also contributes to events throughout the year.

In joining the Canadian Ski Patrol, you're not just becoming a patroller; you're joining a family of passionate individuals dedicated to making our winters safer and more enjoyable.

Thank you to all the Camp Fortune ski patrollers for your unwavering commitment!

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