Snow Update: December 7, 2023 at Camp Fortune, Chelsea Quebec

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by The Local
December 7, 2023
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Camp Fortune
Hey there, snow lovers! ❄️ It's time for your weekly dose of snow news straight from Camp Fortune in Chelsea, Quebec. Let's dive into what's happening on the slopes this December 7th.

Winter Wonderland Alert: Nature's Gift of 30cm Snowfall

Imagine waking up to a world transformed into a winter wonderland—Camp Fortune is exactly that right now! With over 30cm of snowfall this week, get ready for a magical experience on the slopes.

Snowmaking Efforts: Making Magic on Marshall and the Carpet

Beyond nature's generosity, Camp Fortune's crew has been busy creating even more snow on Marshall and the carpet. When these spots open up, get ready for some seriously good runs!

Anticipated Track Openings: Stay Tuned for Updates!

The anticipation is real! Camp Fortune's outdoor tech team is monitoring snow levels on Marshall and the carpet closely. Stay tuned for the green light—it's almost time to hit those slopes!

Opening Hours and Dates

Get those schedules organized because Camp Fortune is gearing up for action! This weekend, they're open from 9 am to 4 pm, and starting December 14th, it's daily snow-time fun.

Camp Fortune is buzzing with excitement as the snowfall has turned the landscape into a winter wonderland. With the team's dedication to making more snow and tracking the conditions closely, the much-awaited opening of Marshall and the magic carpet area is on the horizon. Keep your gear ready, folks; the thrill of skiing and snowboarding is almost here!

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