Snow Conditions Update: December 20th in Chelsea, Quebec

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by The Local
December 20, 2023
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Camp Fortune
As the snow blankets Chelsea, Quebec, it's time to dive into a world of winter wonders! December 20th brings an update on the snowy conditions that await eager adventurers in this picturesque region. From the thrilling slopes of Camp Fortune to the serene trails of Gatineau Park and the charming Voie Verte Chelsea Trail, there's an array of snowy delights waiting to be explored. Let's dive into the latest updates on snow conditions, inviting you to embrace the snowy charms of Chelsea's winter wonderland.

Camp Fortune: Your Snowy Playground Awaits!

Camp Fortune is set to reopen its snowy doors on December 20th at 9 am, inviting snow enthusiasts to dive into a day of wintery fun.

Snow Report: With machine-groomed granular snow covering the terrain, the slopes are ready for action! Brace yourself for thrilling adventures down five runs—Pineault, Allen’s Alley, Marshall, Peewee, and Clifford. It's time to grab your gear and hit the slopes for a fantastic snowy escapade.

Gatineau Park Cross-Country Trails: Skiing Amidst Nature's Beauty

In Gatineau Park, the cross-country trails present a mixed bag of conditions.

Trail Update: While the main parkway loop has received grooming attention, the classic tracks are still awaiting a touch more snow. Skate skiing enthusiasts will find favorable conditions, though icy spots persist in certain areas. Recommended routes include Gatineau Pkwy (P8 to P9) and Fortune Lake Pkwy (P10 to Champlain Pkwy) for a scenic glide through the winter wonderland.

Voie Verte Chelsea / Community Trail: A Chilly Serenade

The Voie Verte Chelsea Trail offers a different kind of snow experience.

Trail Conditions: Presently, icy conditions prevail along the trail, suggesting a preference for walking boots over skiing. While skiing might not be ideal, the southern sector retains reasonable classic tracks, scoring a 5/10 for those seeking a calm winter stroll.

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