Raise Your Glass to Bella Ciao: A Taste of Revolution from Chelsea, Quebec

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by The Local
July 26, 2023
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Distillerie du Square
Hey there, fellow spirits enthusiasts! Last night, our taste buds embarked on an exhilarating journey as we sipped the brand-new concoction from Distillerie du Square - the Bella Ciao! Now, if you're a fan of the classic Italian aperitivo scene, brace yourselves, because Bella Ciao is about to redefine your notions of refreshment. Picture this: a sip that's not too strong, not too sweet, and perfectly balanced between bitter and orangey goodness. Intrigued? Well, get ready to welcome Bella Ciao into your drink collection, right next to that beloved bottle of prosecco!

A Musical Tribute in a Glass: Bella Ciao Aperitivo

Inspired by the iconic anthem "Bella Ciao," this aperitivo is a harmonious blend of flavours that seeks to pay homage to the resilient women across the globe who stand up against injustice, champion freedom, and embody resistance. The Bella Ciao! Aperitivo isn't just another drink; it's a melodic tribute to courage and empowerment. And guess what? It's your perfect companion for those lively conversations that light up your evenings!

Crafted with Love and a Dash flavours Tradition

Crafted by a team of spirited women (and their favourite guy, Pier-Luc!), Bella Ciao! is a universal delight, created for anyone who knows how to revel in the joys of life with great company. Take a sip, and you'll find yourself transported to the heart of Italian tradition. Imagine a symphony of flavours – blood orange, bitter orange peels, gentian root, cardamom, sage, rosemary, hawthorn, star anise, ginger, juniper berry, cloves, and a pinch of salt. Who knew so much goodness could fit in one glass?

Quebecois Charm in Every Sip

Hold on to your seats, because here comes the kicker – the Bella Ciao! Aperitivo is lovingly prepared using 100% Quebecois corn-based alcohol. The result? A silky texture that will caress your taste buds with every sip. Whether you choose to savour it as a spritz or a negroni during the golden hour, this drink promises an experience that's nothing short of magic.

For the Heartfelt Conversations and Memorable Nights

Life's best moments are the ones shared with friends and loved ones. That's where the Bella Ciao! Aperitivo steps in – it's not just a drink; it's a bridge that brings people together. Whether it's summer, winter, spring, or fall, this versatile elixir is your trusty sidekick, embracing every season with open arms.

Toast to Empowerment: The Women Behind the Craft

A predominantly female team (plus the ever-supportive Pier-Luc) at Distillerie du Square set out to create more than just a drink. They wanted to bottle up determination, entrepreneurship, and the essence of feminine strength. And that's how the Bella Ciao! Aperitivo came to life. Drawing inspiration from the soul-stirring song "Bella Ciao," this drink encapsulates the spirit of women rising against adversity and shining bright.

So, there you have it – the Bella Ciao! Aperitivo. A sip of history, a dash of empowerment, and a whole lot of deliciousness. Let's raise our glasses to this masterpiece from Chelsea, Quebec, and to all the incredible women it celebrates. Cheers to unity, taste, and revolution – all in one harmonious glass!

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