Help Reduce Speeding on the Territory! A Colorful Campaign in Chelsea, Quebec

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by The Local
June 21, 2023
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Nick Fewings / Unsplash
Speeding is a common issue that poses a significant risk to the safety of residents in residential neighbourhoods. In an effort to address this concern, the Municipality of Chelsea, Quebec, has launched a vibrant and engaging campaign to raise awareness among motorists. With the goal of encouraging drivers to respect speed limits, this campaign utilizes catchy slogans and citizen involvement to create a positive impact on reducing speeding.

A Playful Approach to Raise Awareness

The Municipality of Chelsea understands the importance of approaching the issue of speeding in a way that resonates with its residents. The speed awareness campaign, created in collaboration with the Pixel Agency, employs a colourful and playful bilingual approach. The slogans used in the campaign are accessible to the general public, aiming to make people smile, think, and engage in conversations about the significance of adhering to speed limits.

Citizen Involvement for Maximum Impact

Recognizing the power of community engagement, the campaign emphasizes citizen involvement as a central element. Residents are encouraged to borrow signs and install them on their properties, particularly near the roads, to enhance visibility and grab the attention of passing motorists. By involving the citizens directly, the Municipality aims to create a sense of ownership and responsibility among the residents. The absence of the Municipality's logo on these signs further emphasizes the community's role in spreading the message.

Borrowing Signs for Maximum Outreach

To ensure the message reaches every corner of the territory, the Municipality of Chelsea offers approximately 100 signs for residents to borrow. Interested residents can contact the Public Works and Infrastructure department to request a sign. The signs can be placed on private properties for a two-week period, allowing for wider dissemination of the campaign's message. Additionally, encouraging residents to communicate with their neighbours further amplifies the impact of the campaign.

Multiple Platforms for Neighbours Reach

The speed awareness campaign in Chelsea extends beyond physical signs. The Municipality has planned to roll out the campaign on various conventional and web platforms. By utilizing multiple communication channels, including online platforms and traditional media, the campaign aims to reach a larger audience, reinforcing the importance of respecting speed limits in residential neighbourhoods.

Concrete Measures for Enhanced Safety

The Municipality of Chelsea has consistently prioritized the safety of its residents, implementing various measures to address speeding. Recent initiatives include rotating speed displays on several roads, the installation of bollards to separate opposing traffic, and the introduction of lower speed limits (20 km/h) in certain neighbourhoods as part of the shared streets initiative. Furthermore, an awareness campaign in collaboration with SAAQ has been launched near schools, emphasizing the need for responsible driving habits. Additionally, discussions are underway with MTQ to improve the safety of Old Chelsea Road.

Looking Ahead

The neighbourhood awareness campaign in Chelsea is an ongoing effort, with a second phase planned for 2024. By continuously promoting awareness and engaging the community, the Municipality aims to instill a culture of responsible driving and reduce speeding in residential areas.

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