Gatineau Park Winter Season Passes: Your Ticket to Snowy Adventures!

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November 15, 2023
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Winter is knocking on the door, and for snow enthusiasts, it's that time of year when the great outdoors transforms into a snowy wonderland. If you're in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, Gatineau Park offers a snowy haven for skiing, snowshoeing, and snow biking. And to make your snowy escapades even smoother, the park offers season passes – your golden ticket to endless winter fun.

Embrace the Snow: Gatineau Park's Winter Playground

Winter Wonderland Awaits!

Gatineau Park is a playground for winter adventurers. Imagine miles of cross-country ski trails adorned with glistening snow, perfect for a serene glide amidst nature's beauty. Or perhaps you're more drawn to the quiet allure of snowshoeing, exploring hidden corners and quiet pathways blanketed in snow. Even snow biking enthusiasts have their slice of paradise here. The park caters to all winter-loving souls, promising an array of experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Season Passes: Your Key to Unlimited Adventure

Unlock Your Winter Pass!

Let's talk about these season passes – the keys to unlocking a winter wonderland. Available online or at the Visitor Centre, these passes are your gateway to unlimited snowy adventures. And hey, the earlier you grab them, the lighter they'll be in your pocket!

Early Bird Catches the Savings

Don't wait too long! Until October 25, 2023, snatch your pass at a discounted rate. The savings are real, folks! Whether you're an adult, a student, a senior, or part of a family eager for snow-filled bonding time, there's a pass tailored just for you.

Gatineau Park Winter Passes - National Capital Commission
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Perks That Make You Smile

More Bang for Your Buck!

It's not just about the trails; these passes come with some cool perks too! Picture this: two free daily passes for guests! That's right – bring along your pals and share the snowy joy. Plus, a 50% discount on a daily pass at partner ski centres? Count us in! And let's not forget those handy weekly updates on trail grooming and weekend recommendations. It's like having your winter adventure concierge service!

Daily Passes for Snowy Excursions

Not Ready for Commitment? Try a Day Pass!

Hey, we get it – a commitment to a season might be a bit much for some. No worries! Daily passes are your flexible alternatives. Available at various spots including the Visitor Centre, these passes are your passport to a day of snowy fun.

Additional Perks and Discounts

More Ways to Save and Explore!

There's more! If you have a season pass from select ski centres, you're in for a treat – a 50% discount on a Gatineau Park daily pass. Yup, perks on perks! And guess what? Gatineau Park pass holders get discounts at those ski centres too! It's like a winter-loving community looking out for each other.

Even More Savings: Borrow a Pass From the Library

Free Passes? Yes, Please!

Hold on, it gets even better! You can borrow a daily pass from participating libraries using your library card. That's right – free access to trails for a day! It's like taking a book out, but instead, you're taking out a pass to a winter wonderland. Check with your local library for terms and conditions and get ready to explore the snow-covered trails without spending a dime.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the snow, grab your pass, and dive into Gatineau Park's winter wonderland! Whether you're a seasoned snow enthusiast or a newbie to winter sports, there's something magical waiting for you amidst those snowy trails. See you there!

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