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Witch School
Looking for a deeper connection to ancient wisdom and intuition? WitchSchool might just be the place that calls you home. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, this unique school offers a profound journey into ancient traditions and intuitive practices that have long been forgotten.

What You'll Learn

At WitchSchool, the curriculum is designed to reconnect you with your innate intuition. You'll delve into the rich herstory of ancient traditions, learning practical techniques for cleansing, healing, casting circles, and studying the elements. Through deep, intuitive-building exercises and rituals, participants undergo a transformative experience spread across three semesters.

The courses at WitchSchool begin with exploring ancient mythology and early rites of passage, gradually guiding you towards a powerful personal transformation.

Meet the Founder

Kiki Keskinen, the passionate founder of WitchSchool, embodies the lineage of a Celtic Green Witch. Her journey into the world of Witchcraft began when she felt the sacredness of the forest at a young age. Guided by women who had immersed themselves in Witch work for decades, Kiki's personal direction was shaped by their wisdom and experience.

A School Rooted in Purpose

WitchSchool emerged from a place of passion and frustration. It was born out of a deep desire to counter historical injustices and misconceptions about spirituality and ancient traditions. The school stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to empower individuals through ancient philosophy and practices, fostering a deeper understanding of the interdependence between nature and humanity.

The Vision

Kiki's vision for WitchSchool extends beyond the confines of traditional education. It's a place where spirituality meets activism, where ancient wisdom becomes a driving force for personal and societal transformation. By embracing diverse perspectives and tapping into nature-based rituals, WitchSchool fosters a feminine approach to problem-solving in today's complex world.

Located in the beautiful surroundings of Chelsea, WitchSchool invites individuals to not just learn but to grow spiritually, intellectually, and personally. Embrace the ethos of leaving this charming place better than you found it, mirroring the kindness and warmth of the locals. Join WitchSchool and embark on a journey that reconnects you with ancient wisdom while fostering positive change within yourself and the world around you.

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24 Chemin Wallace, Chelsea, QC J9B 1M9, Canada

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