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Looking for a charming spot for a picnic in Gatineau Park? Look no further than the Penguin Picnic Area! Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, this delightful picnic area offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature's beauty. It's a perfect destination for a relaxing day out in spring, summer, or fall.

A Perfect Spot for Picnics

Penguin Picnic Area is a fantastic place to spread out a blanket and enjoy a meal amidst the serene surroundings of Gatineau Park. With several parking spots, including two designated for disabled guests, accessibility is a breeze. The area features vibrant picnic tables, BBQ facilities, and plenty of grassy space for various activities. Whether you're planning a family gathering or a quiet lunch with friends, you'll find this spot ideal.

Easy Access and Scenic Trails

For those who enjoy a bit of adventure, there's a nice trail leading up to a lookout point. While the hike is a bit steep for little kids (you might have to carry them up and down the ramps), the view is well worth the effort. If you prefer a leisurely stroll, there are more gentle trails nearby, making it a versatile destination for all ages.

Peaceful and Picturesque

Visitors often describe Penguin Picnic Area as quiet, peaceful, and picturesque, especially in October when the fall colors are at their peak. Unlike the busier Pink Lake area, Penguin offers a tranquil escape without venturing too far into the park. It's an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy nature without the crowds.

Facilities and Accessibility

Penguin Picnic Area is equipped with essential facilities to make your visit comfortable:

  • Parking: Free and paid parking options are available near the picnic area.
  • Accessibility: The area features wheelchair-accessible entrances and parking lots.
  • Washrooms: Outhouses are available for your convenience.
  • Picnic and BBQ: Use the tables and BBQ facilities for a delightful outdoor meal.

Tips for Visitors

  • No Pets Allowed: Pets are not permitted in Gatineau Park picnic areas.
  • Respect Wildlife: Do not feed the animals; nature provides all they need.
  • Leave No Trace: If there are no waste receptacles nearby, take your trash back home to dispose of it properly.

A Bit of Local History

Did you know the Penguin Picnic Area has a quirky history? It's named after an amusing tale from the 1920s involving a supposed penguin found by skiers. While the story's authenticity is debatable, it adds a unique charm to the area. Originally called the Meadow Picnic Field, this spot has long been a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Gatineau Pkwy, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1H9

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