Glen Foster Sanctuary Exhibition: A Journey Through Nature's Meditations

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La Fab Sur Mill
May 28, 2024
Old Chelsea
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If you find yourself in Chelsea, Quebec between April 1 and June 30, make sure to visit the Glen Foster Sanctuary Exhibition at La FAB sur Mill. Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, this exhibition promises a unique and contemplative experience through the lens of talented photographer Glen Foster.

Discovering the Subtle Beauty of Everyday Sights

Glen Foster's photography takes you on a meditative journey through the natural world. His work is not just an exploration or investigation but a serene relaxation into the essence of what he sees. This exhibition reveals how Foster discovers numerous truths, icons, and totems by simply being present with his subjects. His unique perspective often brings out details and emotions that many might overlook, prompting visitors to reflect on how their own cultural backgrounds and heritage influence their perceptions.

A Celebration of Common Sights

One of the most compelling aspects of Foster's work is his ability to uncover beauty, irony, and wisdom in the everyday. By exploring common sights with a fresh eye, Foster's photographs reveal a rich visual world that often goes unnoticed. This exhibition invites viewers to share in this exploration and discover the subtle beauty that surrounds us all.

The Art of the Print

For Foster, the print is the culmination of his creative process. Each image in the exhibition is meticulously crafted, with detailed information provided about the medium, print size, edition size, and price. This attention to detail ensures that each photograph is not only a visual delight but also a tangible piece of art that visitors can appreciate and, if they wish, take home.

Visit the Exhibition

Located at 8 Chemin Mill, Chelsea, QC, the Glen Foster Sanctuary Exhibition is hosted by La FAB sur Mill, a venue known for its support of the arts. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to the area, this exhibition offers a serene escape into the world of nature photography. Mark your calendar and don't miss the chance to experience Glen Foster's unique vision.

A Visual Meditation

The Glen Foster Sanctuary Exhibition is more than just a display of photographs; it is an invitation to see the world differently. By immersing yourself in Foster's meditative approach to photography, you may find yourself discovering new layers of meaning in the everyday sights around you. Visit La FAB sur Mill in Chelsea, Quebec, and let Glen Foster's work inspire your own visual meditations.