Galerie Old Chelsea Presents: Vernissage of “Seeking Light” by Maryse Lemay

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Galerie Old Chelsea
May 4, 2024
Old Chelsea, Quebec
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Step into the world of abstract expressionism with Maryse Lemay's latest exhibition, "Seeking Light," hosted by Galerie Old Chelsea. Embracing her artistic journey, Lemay invites viewers to explore the depths of emotion and imagination through her captivating paintings.

Discovering Maryse Lemay’s Artistry

In 2012, Maryse Lemay transitioned from the realm of performing arts to the realm of abstract painting. With over twenty years of experience as an actor, singer, and dancer, Lemay found a new avenue for self-expression. Her abstract paintings serve as an extension of her multidisciplinary background, characterized by a profound thirst for freedom and authenticity.

Embracing the Creative Process

Lemay’s artistic philosophy revolves around allowing her subconscious mind to speak, trusting her intuition, and embracing the creative process. By minimizing mental distractions, she delves into a world of spontaneous expression, applying layers of paint, lines, marks, and textures to evoke emotional landscapes that resonate deeply with viewers.

A Journey of Connection

The vernissage of "Seeking Light" and embark on a journey of connection and introspection. Experience the power of abstract art as Maryse Lemay invites you to explore the depths of the human experience through vibrant strokes of color and emotion.