Galerie Old Chelsea Presents: "Seeking Light” by Maryse Lemay

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Galerie Old Chelsea
May 3, 2024
May 22, 2024
Old Chelsea, Quebec
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Galerie Old Chelsea is delighted to showcase the captivating works of Maryse Lemay in her exhibition titled "Seeking Light.” Stepping into the gallery, visitors are greeted with a vibrant tapestry of abstract paintings that speak volumes about the artist's journey and her exploration of light amidst life's shadows.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday to Saturday noon to 6 pm; Sunday noon to 5 pm

The Artist Behind the Canvas

Maryse Lemay is not just a painter; she's a storyteller, a dancer of colors, and a composer of emotions. With over two decades of experience in the performing arts, Lemay's transition to painting in 2012 marked the beginning of a new chapter in her artistic odyssey. Drawing from her background in acting, singing, and dancing, Lemay infuses her paintings with an unparalleled sense of freedom and authenticity.

Exploring the Subconscious

In "Seeking Light,” Lemay invites viewers to embark on a voyage into the depths of the subconscious. Through layers of paint, lines, marks, gestures, and textures, she creates emotional landscapes that resonate with the human experience. Her paintings are not just visual stimuli but gateways to introspection, allowing viewers to connect with their own internal universe.

A Beacon of Hope

The collection "Seeking Light” is a testament to Lemay's resilience and her unwavering belief in the power of positivity. Inspired by life's darker moments, Lemay seeks to find goodness, energy, hope, and joy amidst the chaos. Each painting is a beacon of hope, illuminating even the darkest corners of the soul.

Galerie Old Chelsea, nestled in the picturesque Gatineau Hills above the renowned Les Fougères restaurant, is more than just a gallery; it's a sanctuary for art lovers. Located at 783 route 105, Chelsea, Québec, J9B1P1, the gallery welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Maryse Lemay from May 3 to 22, 2024.