Exploring "Lyrical Abstraction" by Karen Wynne Mackay

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September 22, 2023
October 11, 2023
783 Quebec Rte 105, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1P1
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Art has a unique way of touching our souls and sparking our imagination. It invites us to see the world through a different lens, encouraging us to interpret the canvas in our own unique way. Galerie Old Chelsea is currently hosting an extraordinary exhibition that invites you to do just that. "Lyrical Abstraction" by Karen Wynne Mackay is a captivating journey into the world of abstract art, where colours, shapes, and emotions dance together on canvas. Join us as we delve into this intriguing display of creativity, inspired by vessels and the beauty of the natural world.

Unveiling the World of Abstract Art with a Dash of Nature and Music

Lyrical Abstraction” by Karen Wynne Mackay
September 22 to October 11, 2023
Vernissage: Friday, September 22, 2 to 5 pm

Vessels: More Than Meets the Eye

What's in a word? In the case of "vessels," it encompasses both tangible objects and intangible feelings. Vessels are the keepers of the very essence of life—air, earth, water, and light. They hold the secrets of the natural world, representing both the mundane and the profound. Karen Wynne Mackay, one of the artist owners of Galerie Old Chelsea, explores the multifaceted nature of vessels in her abstract paintings.

At first glance, these paintings exude energy, spiritual freedom, and an overwhelming joy of colour and movement. Yet, beneath the vibrant surface, they conceal infinite vessels—keepers of all things, including life and death. Mackay's pieces are like a tapestry of emotions, woven with intricate calligraphic markings that resonate with the observer.

The Artistic Alchemy of Layers and Media

One cannot help but be mesmerized by Mackay's creative process. Her paintings are deeply manipulated surfaces that seem to breathe with life. Layers upon layers of fluid, colourful strokes intertwine with strong calligraphic marks. These marks, crafted with handmade tools and various media, create a sense of depth and mystery within each composition.

Mackay's technique is akin to a dance, where the layers conceal and then reveal, gradually forming a breathtaking masterpiece. As you stand before her artworks, it's like peeling back the layers of your own perception, embarking on a journey of discovery and beauty.

Karen Wynne Mackay: An Artist with a Story

Born in Montreal and raised in the picturesque town of Hudson, Quebec, Karen Wynne Mackay's creative journey has been profoundly influenced by the best of both worlds—urban vibrancy and rural tranquillity. Today, she calls Stittsville, Ontario, her home, drawing inspiration from the captivating landscapes of the Canadian countryside.

Mackay's art has left an indelible mark across Canada, finding its place in private collections from Montreal to Denver, Ottawa to London, and even gracing the halls of the Ontario Legislature Building in Toronto. But her contributions go beyond her canvases; she is also a passionate educator who organizes and teaches workshops in mark making, calligraphy, and abstract art.

Nature, Music, and the Creative Spark

To truly appreciate Karen Wynne Mackay's art, one must understand her sources of inspiration. Nature and music are integral parts of her creative process. She immerses herself in the natural world, hiking, kayaking, and biking, all of which infuse her work with the essence of the great outdoors. Her love for words, stories, music, and nature reverberates through each piece, waiting to be discovered by those who open their minds and relax their eyes.

"Lyrical Abstraction" by Karen Wynne Mackay is not merely an exhibition; it's an invitation to explore the intricate dance between colours, shapes, and emotions. It's a celebration of vessels, both tangible and emotional, and a testament to the power of art to connect us with the world around us. So, if you find yourself in Chelsea, Quebec, between September 22 and October 11, 2023, make sure to visit Galerie Old Chelsea and experience the magic of Karen's art for yourself. Who knows, you might just discover a new vessel of inspiration within you.