Celebrating Christmas at St-Stephen's Parish, Chelsea, QC

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December 25, 2023
212 Old Chelsea Rd. Chelsea QC J9B 1J3
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Christmas bells are ringing, and the warmth of the season is here! St-Stephen's Parish in Chelsea, Quebec, is all set to host an unforgettable series of Christmas Masses for 2023. Whether you're a local parishioner or visiting the beautiful Quebec region, mark your calendars for these heartwarming celebrations.

Christmas Masses 2023

Sunday, December 24
  • Regular Sunday Mass
  • 9 AM: in français
  • 11 AM: in English
  • Christmas Eve
  • 7 PM: in English
  • 9 PM: en français
Monday, December 25
  • 9 AM: in français
  • 11 AM: in English
Tuesday, December 26
  • Feast of St. Stephen
  • 10 AM: Bilingual
Sunday, December 31
  • Regular Sunday Mass
  • 9 AM: in français
  • 11 AM: in English
Monday, January 1
  • 9 AM: in français

A Historic Legacy: 150 Years of St. Stephen's Parish

St. Stephen’s Parish stands tall with 150 years of rich history. Founded on October 15, 1845, this remarkable parish holds tales of dedication and community spirit. It all started with a scattered Catholic community in Chelsea, nurtured as a mission served by Rev. Father Desautels from Aylmer, Québec.

The journey unfolded as Rev. James Hughes became the first appointed parish priest. The wooden church and presbytery marked the early years, with generous contributions from the community. Over time, the parish witnessed remarkable developments under various pastors, from the completion of the stone church to artistic interior decorations reminiscent of European Catholic shrines.

Embracing Change and Community

From introducing French Mass on Sundays during Rev. Maurice Theoret’s term to initiating annual summer festivals under Rev. André Gauvreau's leadership, the parish continually adapted to serve its growing congregation. Notable milestones, including the first woman warden elected during Rev. Francis Brennan’s term and the inauguration of floodlighting for the church's front, highlighted the community's unity and progress.

In 1992, Rev. Gérald J. Croteau took the helm as the parish priest, continuing the legacy of spiritual guidance and community development.

Experience the Christmas Spirit

As the Christmas season approaches, St. Stephen’s Parish invites you to be part of its vibrant history and festive celebrations. Come together with friends, family, and neighbors to cherish the holiday spirit and the essence of community at these special Christmas Masses.

Experience the joy, tradition, and warmth of St. Stephen’s Parish this Christmas. Join us in Chelsea, Quebec, for a memorable celebration filled with love, faith, and togetherness!

Come, let’s make this Christmas a cherished memory at St. Stephen’s Parish!


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