AstroVino on the Terrace of Square Old Chelsea, Quebec

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Square Old Chelsea
July 4, 2024
Old Chelsea, Quebec
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On July 4, 2024, at 8 PM, Square Old Chelsea invites you to immerse yourself in a unique celestial experience: Rendez-vous individual AstroVino sur la Terrasse du Square. This event promises an evening of cosmic revelations and personal insights under the stars.

Following a captivating group presentation, astrologer Caroline Malo will be available for individual 20-minute sessions to unveil glimpses of your future. Please note, securing a ticket for the group presentation is mandatory in addition to the ticket for your personal consultation.

Tickets are priced at $40 per adult, offering an affordable opportunity to explore astrology in a serene outdoor setting.

Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with the cosmos while enjoying the ambiance of Chelsea's charming terrace. Whether you're a seasoned astrological enthusiast or simply curious about what the stars have in store for you, AstroVino promises an evening of intrigue and discovery.

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit Square Old Chelsea’s official website.